Smart Home Appliances Open a New Life

Driven by technological reforms, “intelligence” has gradually become a new direction for the development of the home appliance industry. The intelligent experience of the whole house has caught the eyes of consumers. Even if it is still unattractive to many families and mainstream consumer groups, with the growth of users’ acceptance ability, the superimposed economy, technology and environment driving the fission of user needs, which contains intelligent technology, Home Appliances have become a new choice for many consumers. The intelligence of products is particularly evident in the field of vacuum cleaners.

What are the characteristics of Smart Home Appliances?

  • Energy Saving

Smart Home Appliances can automatically adjust the working time and working status according to the surrounding environment, so as to achieve energy saving.

  • Ease of Use

Since the complex control operation process has been solved by the controller embedded in the Smart Home Appliance, the user only needs to understand the very simple operation.

  • Quality of Life

Intelligent Electrical Appliances greatly save your time, we can save efficiency and improve the quality of life.

For traditional Home Appliances, they can only meet some basic needs in people’s lives, while Smart Home Appliances meet more abundant and higher-level needs. Our Digital Cordless Vacuum Cleaner can see the power and modes selection directly through the display, and with the digital display, the use of our Cordless Vacuum Cleaner becomes smarter and more intuitive to use, quickly grasps the real-time operation status of the vacuum cleaner.

For example, when we are cleaning with the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, and there is no battery display, so we don’t know when the battery will run out. That will not only cause unnecessary waste of time but also greatly reduce cleaning efficiency. Our Digital Vacuum Cleaner has an LED high-definition display. When we use the vacuum cleaner, you can easily see the estimated remaining time on the display screen. For users, the real-time power display can better grasp the cleaning rhythm and reasonably allocate the remaining usage time. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about the battery of our vacuum cleaner, because we use li-ion batteries as accessories, which have super long endurance which can meet customers’ daily cleaning needs, and it is easy to handle large-scale cleaning.

Every family has its own unique living habits and decoration hobbies. Even the decoration of bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms will also be different. If a vacuum cleaner with a single suction mode is used, all-round cleaning cannot be achieved. Our digital vacuum cleaners are available in two modes, standard mode and powerful mode, with a multi-function brush head for a variety of cleaning tasks. According to different cleaning environments, we can switch the two modes arbitrarily with one button.

Standard Mode is also called Economy Mode, it can last up to 40 minutes of runtime. After opening, it can suck up all kinds of fine dust hidden in sofas, under tables and chairs, and on curtains, which is suitable for daily cleaning at home. The powerful mode can strongly absorb relatively large dust particles, which can clean stubborn floor dirt and go deep into the gaps of the floor.

We lead every user to experience intelligent life with excellent and comprehensive functions, so that cleaning can achieve twice the result with half the effort. Let’s explore the future cleaning method with Legno Wireless Digital Vacuum Cleaner.

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