Anti-tangle brush easy to solve the embarrassing situation of cleaning hair from cordless vacuums

A good tool makes the household easy. Ordinary broom is very troublesome to collect dust. Wired vacuum cleaners have a limited power supply length. If the room is slightly larger, the power socket must be constantly switched. The sweeping robot cannot clean the fine dust actually.

LEGERO TECH is a manufacturer specializing in household cleaning products. The latest digital display control handheld wireless vacuum cleaner. LEGERO sets up independent storage positions for the main unit and accessories of the vacuum cleaner, and fixed the product tightly by shaping, and there is basically no gap between the packaging and the product, so as to avoid damage to the product during transportation.


There are different types components of cordless vacuum cleaners. In addition to the electric floor brush, it also provides a variety of different brush heads, such as mite removal brush, round brush, two-in-one flat nozzle and wall bracket. which can be fully adapted to daily household cleaning and vacuuming work. And the unique soft brush is specially developed for the cordless vacuum cleaner for anti tangling of hair. It is really troublesome to clean the hair on the floor brush especially the hair. The soft brush made of polymer resin material can not only absorb garbage such as large particles of hair, but also absorb small particles of dust, and also solve the problem of hair wrapping around the brush head. The floor brush is detachable and can be removed for cleaning. 



The soft brush of LEGERO breaks through the problem of most similar products on the market, meanwhile the cleaning power is much better than regular nylon brush. With the exclusively owned featured parts, we are be able to meet customer needs and improve customer satisfaction. 

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