Eco-friendly Home Appliances that you Need to Know

As people put more and more emphasis on the home environment, in addition to comfort, people gradually starting to focus on energy saving and environmental protection at home.

What benefits can environmentally friendly home appliances bring to our lives?

First of all, using such kinds of products can save energy, and then, it can reduce air pollution. At the same time, it can protect the ecological environment and be healthier for the human body.

Then what kind of home appliances are environmentally friendly?

Low noise

Our Legero household vacuum cleaner with wireless has a noise-optimized design to avoid noise pollution, the sound is stable and not harsh, and the operating sound level is only 65db~68db. The low-noise operation is friendly to your baby and pets, providing you with a quiet and clean environment.

Easy to operate

The vacuum cleaner also adopts a unique snap-on design, so we can switch freely with one button according to different cleaning scenarios. Convenient replacement, meet all kinds of cleaning needs at home, make cleaning more efficient, and make home life happier. Such a special design also facilitates separate recycling of different raw materials.

Low consumables

We collect garbage through the dust cup, so there is no need to replace the dust bag frequently. After cleaning the dust cup, it can be recycled. As for traditional vacuum cleaners with dust bag, no matter what kind of dust bag it is made of, is difficult to clean, and it is always troublesome to buy a replacement bag. Using our wireless vacuum cleaner without worrying about these troubles. It’s easy to clean efficiently and reduce environmental pollution.

Good filter system

The filter has a triple fine filtration system. Paper scraps and other dirt are sucked up when it sucks, the garbage and gas are completely separated by the high-speed rotation of the motor. On the one hand, it can discharge fresh air, prevent secondary pollution and reduce air pollution; on the other hand, it can prolong the life of the motor. Using the strength of the product to protect the health of your family.

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