Why handheld cordless vacuum cleaners don’t work well after a period of using?

wireless vacuum cleaner

Nowadays handheld wireless vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more popular, the advantages of handheld wireless vacuum cleaners are indeed many, beautiful, lightweight, convenient, versatile, and easy to store. Its birth has indeed completely changed the cleaning habits that many people have for many years, and household cleaning is not being diffcult for people. 

However, accompanied by keeping the use of time, users found that the cordless vacuum cleaners at home seems to have less suction than when they were first purchased, the cleaning power is not as good as before, and they all wondered whether the machine was aging or with quality problem. In fact, this situation is most likely because the air duct of the vacuum cleaner is blocked.

The hand-held wireless vacuum cleaner directly sucks air and dust into the dust container through suction to achieve the purpose of cleaning. In order to save costs, many manufacturers of cordless wireless vacuum cleaners do not give too much consideration to the filter structure, and some even use the simplest asbestos mesh for filtering. The accumulation of dust in the duct will increase, which will inevitably lead to a decrease in the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. To solve this problem, it is necessary to effectively “separate dust and air”, and Legero technology Co., Ltd’s wireless handheld vacuum cleaners are products that make a solution to this kind of problem.

It is necessary to focus on the dust container If the cordless stick vacuum cleaner can completely separate dust and air, Legero handheld vacuum cleaners use professional cyclone separation technology and a 5-fold filtration scheme, from hair and large particles visible to fine dust larger than 0.3μm, and finally even 99.97% of fine dust smaller than 0.3μm, all in these filtration. Gradually screened out, and finally only relatively pure air can enter the air duct, which solves the problem of the air duct being blocked. More perfectly, only the fifth-stage H13 HEPA filter is a consumable, and the replacement cost is low. All filter components can be directly washed with water to keep their performance stable, and their cleaning ability will not be affected even if they are used for a long time.

Therefore, we suggest that when choosing wireless vacuum cleaners, we need to consider whether they have a good and professional filter system. It is not only provides users with clean and fresh air and prevent from disease, but also provides better protection for our health.

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