What is a HEPA filter with H13 classes? Learn about the efficiency for cordless vacuum cleaner

People pay more attention to the home environment and air purification with the improvement of modern living standards. Nowadays people use cordless vacuum cleaner and air purifier to help with improvement of home and air quality. 

High efficent HEPA brings good air quality

Wireless vacuum cleaner as a good helper, it does help a lot for saving us time for housework. It’s fast and convenient, and the cleaning power is also very good. More importantly, the filtering effect is good, and there will be no dust overflow phenomenon.In fact, it is our health guardian. HEPA plays important role for the vacuum cleaners. It is a high-efficiency filter paper, which can filter out 99% of the fine particles in the air and reduce secondary pollution. It is the most commonly used filter material for current vacuum cleaners.

HEPA is a filter with high filtration effect, the material can be cleaned repeatedly, but the spare parts have a limited life, and everytime cleaning will deform the HEPA. Tiny particles of dust tend to clog HEPA over a long period of time, so we need to be replaced regularly.

How do you Identify the HEPA?

The higher the level, the better the filtering effect. But that doesn’t mean the values are true. The filtering effectiveness of a HEPA can be judged from the appearance and use effect. H13 HPEA looks like paper, no holes and it is kind of flat, the efficiency is around 99.97%. Futhermore, if the inside of the filter is white but the outside is black, it means it filter dust effectively. If both the insde of outside of filter are black with dust, it is with low efficiency and does not filter dust.

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