Does the filter system matter for cordless stick vacuum cleaner?

When choosing a vacuum cleaner, the filter system is also very important. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers now set up the filter system very simply, which cannot achieve a good filtering effect. For example the plastic fitler, it does not filter dust and small particles effectively.  LEGERO’s user-friendly design and strict quality management, its wireless vacuum cleaner products are equipped with effective filtering system, metal filter and H13 99.97% filtration, real ”home care” concept. Basically all vacuum cleaners on the market use a common consumable, that is the HEPA filter, whose main function is to intercept small particles that cannot be captured by the filter and reduce air pollution.

filter types

Some HEPAs with poor filtering properties are black on the inside and outside, which means that the filter objects are partially scattered after passing through the HEPA. The really effective filtered HPEA is black on the outside, effectively attached to the HEPA surface, as in below picture. 


The filtering effect of HEPA for particles above 0.3 microns can reach 99.7%, which is a very good air purification product. The vacuum cleaner filter made of HEPA is professionally designed. The general process is to make a folded HEPA filter, which has a large unfolding area and high filtration accuracy. It can be used repeatedly after washing. It can efficiently filter tiny particles, collect dust, and effectively protect the motor, prevent dust from entering the motor room, and prolong the service life of the motor! As a professional manufacturer of wireless handheld vacuum cleaners, LEGERO strictly controls raw materials and provides customers with high-quality household appliances.

The price of the HEPA filter depends on the level of the filter itself. Generally, it is HEPA10, the highest is HEPA14, and the price increases in turn. Generally speaking, the higher the level of the filter, the higher the filter level, and the better the filtering effect.

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