Why does the price of vacuum cleaners differs a lot?

cordless vacuum cleaner,There are types of cordless vacuum cleaner on the market, the price differs even from different brands and types. There are four main aspects of vacuum cleaners that really affect their price.

Motor and Suction 

The motor is its “heart”, which can provide the source power for the vacuum cleaner. It also determines the suction power of the vacuum cleaner when it works, and also determines the cleaning effect. In general, products with high suction power have good dust removal effects, so a good motor is important. Suction power can be difficult to compare between models since manufacturers don’t use a single metric or measurement. The truth is the motor’s watts is not the only indicator of a appliance’s power.

The higher the frequency of the motor, the greater the suction. The better the motor, the more expensive the price. There are brushed motors and brushless motors on the market. Compared with brushed motors, brushless motors have longer life, stronger suction. Cordless vacuum cleaner with brushed motors could reach 10kPa suction generally. It could meet demands for household cleaning of tiles, wood floors.A high wattage means the vacuum will consume more energy. The stronger suction, the shorter running time for cleaning operation. Generally speaking, the 17kPa and 21Kpa above are regularly to be choosed for carpet cleaning on the market. Legero’s cordless vacuum cleaner with powerful suction, 160W motor reaches 21kPa with safety power. 

Floor Brush and other Accessories


There are mainly electric and non-electric types of floor brushes. The electric floor brush has stronger suction power and better cleaning effect because of the motor drive. The suction and effect of non-electric floor brushes are significantly worse. In terms of accessories, there are now different kinds of nozzle, such as 2 in 1 dusting brush nozzle suitable for cleaning various carpets and floors, round nozzle suitable for cleaning sofas and furniture, and flat nozzle suitable for cleaning crevices and corners.Legero develops soft rubber brush which is Anti-tangling technology effectively prevents from tangling hair around the roller brush.Users don’t have to grab scissors to remove trapped hair to stop further entanglement and speed up the process. There are different accessories have been developed, which can be configured differently for different needs.

Filtering System

filter typesThere are plastic filters and metal filters with HEPA. A good filter not only has multiple filters, high density, but also can effectively prevent the re-emission of fine dust into the air to cause secondary pollution. Legero’s wireless stick vacuum cleaner equipped with the mental filter HEPA which are washable, the level of HEPA is H13, filtration efficiency reaches 99.97%. Plastic filters are much cheaper than metal filters with HEPA, but the filtration efficiency is low, it ‘s better to use metal filters with HEPA to keep us healthy from the damage of dust and bacteria.It completely seals the dust bin and prevents small dust perticles from escaping back into the room. 

Appearance and Raw Materials

foldable cordless vacuum cleaner

The quality of the raw materials of a vacuum cleaner cannot be judged from the surface singularly. Generally speaking, when the texture of plastic raw materials is poor, it is necessary to solve the problems of product texture and appearance through coating. 

In the industry, some manufacturers use second-hand plastics in order to save costs and coating to make the product look more textured and upscale, but it is not environmentally friendly to produce the product. The coating product is easy to break in the bumps and break, meanwhile  scratch the surface coating, the color of the raw material itself is exposed. Legero handheld wireless vacuum cleaner with completely ABS material which meet ROHS standard meanwhile reduce customer complaints from the appearance raw materials. 

All in all, you get what you pay for. Products represent the soul of an enterprise and brands. A good product often makes customers trust and rely on us more, while a brand that only cares about profit and cost is often difficult to gain long-term trust from consumers.

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