Do we need to buy a Car Vacuum Cleaner?

Most car owners pay more attention to cleaning the car, but they tend to ignore cleaning the inside of the car. As we all know, in addition to the visible tiny garbage and dust, there are invisible bacteria, mites and dirt in the car. These garbage and bacteria not only produce a peculiar smell, but also affect people’s health. Therefore, it is very necessary to use a car vacuum cleaner to clean the interior of the car. Our wireless household electric broom can also do a function for car cleaning.

Maybe some people have questions, shouldn’t the weight of the average household vacuum cleaner be much heavier than the car vacuum cleaner? The answer is of course not. Our Legero multifunctional vacuum cleaner has a light body and can be picked up with one hand. It also can be used as a household vacuum cleaner. After assembling accessories, we can get a new car vacuum cleaner to clean the interior of the car.

Legero Cordless Vacuum Cleaners use innovative motor DC air duct technology for powerful suction. It can not only absorb all kinds of dust , but also can deeply absorb the hidden dust mites and allergens. At the same time, it is also equipped with a high-efficiency filtration system that can effectively absorb 99.97% of fine dust as small as 0.3 microns to prevent secondary pollution.

Most importantly, it is equipped with a 2 in 1 suction head to clean different parts of the car. For example, the suction head can clean food residue, hair, dust, etc. Extension hose and the nylon brush can clean the stubborn dirt on the floor mat, seat bottom and trunk, etc. The crevice soft-bristled suction head can absorb dust up from safety seats, instrument panels, car air conditioning outlets.

These targeted suction head can make the cleaning process both efficient and hassle-free. In terms of battery life, when the car vacuum cleaner is fully charged, turning on the standard mode can ensure 35 minutes of lasting power, which can meet the daily basic cleaning needs of car owners. In order to ensure continuous endurance, a car charger is specially designed to charge the fuselage at any time.

The multifunctional wireless vacuum cleaner can not only bring a clean environment to the home and car, but also protect the health of users and their families by removing mites and cleaning up garbage. This is a must-have for car lovers.

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